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Business Setup In Dubai Or UAE
Statutory audit is a legal review on the accuracy of a company or government financial records. The statutory audit procedure is similar to any other type of audit and determines if an organization is providing fair and accurate financial position by examining their bank balances, bookkeeping records and financial transactions.
TRC pamco follows an approach that is important and it brings a value-addition to the statutory requirement. We work and aim to provide our client a service that is beyond audit and helps to improve their efficiency and profitability. We give attention to auditor’s role and act as a guardian to safeguard the interests of our shareholders.
Book keeping and Accounting:
Accounting and bookkeeping is an integral aspect for all small and large businesses. All businesses need accurate, reliable and timely financial information to monitor the performance and take decisions. Accounting and Book keeping is tracking and recording of the cash and financial transactions of a freezone company formation dubai in well planned manner as it is critical to the company’s financial health and budgeting.
TRC pamco provides clients with accurate and timely financial information in order to maintain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment. The company provides accounting and bookkeeping services in UAE with complete set of financial statements that includes:
• Preparation of accounts on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis
• Preparation and consolidation of annual report
• Design and preparation of financial reporting packages for management
• Performing bank and other accounts reconciliation
TRC pamco as an accounting partner provides a lot of benefits to the clients like:
• Allows the management to concentrate on high level financial decision making and free their attention on administrative and regulatory works.
• Utilizing established external infrastructure, without the upfront costs
• Financial information can be kept confidential from the internal staff and need to give less attention on account staff turnover.
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